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Science Assignments

  • 18 SEP 2018: Take notes (page 1, page 2) and calculate the density of the cubes in class.
  • 17 SEP 2018: Watch the video: How the Earth was Formed and write down 5 details about how the Earth was formed.
  • 14 SEP 2018: Chapter 2 Test. You may use your written notes from class and you may use a new online techbook: Simply click, Sign-in and type the username, "ruizperiod_" ( _ = 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, or 8) and the password is "turlock". After the test, work on the google classroom assignment, "Hyperlink to your website". Next, go back and make sure you are not missing any assignments from 31 AUG 2018. Last, try these: Game 1, Game 2, Game 3.
  • 13 SEP 2018: Check what you know and research what you don't know. Chapter Study Guide. Chapter 2 - Student Reading Hint, highlight the text to see the answers to the study guide questions.
  • 12 SEP 2018: After a demonstration and an experiment, answer questions 1-4. Changing State - Melting
  • 11 SEP 2018: First, we went to the lab to observe a phenomena. Second, we came back to class to view a short video and two molecular animations. Third we answered the following questions: 3, 1, 4, 5, and 7. Changes of State - Freezing.
  • 10 SEP 2018: Review the experimental results from the lab last Friday. Prove your hypothesis in class.
  • 07 SEP 2018: Given two glass cups, two plastic cups, hot water, ice, room temperature water, a thermometer, and the definition of condensation (when a liquid becomes a gas). Design an experiment that address the following questions: (1.) Does temperature affect the rate of condensation? Prove it! (2.) What evidence do you have to support your conclusion? (3.) How did you conduct your experiment? (4.) Is there enough information on your paper for someone to check your work (redo your experiment)? (5.) To explain your conclusion draw a model at the molecular level.
  • 06 SEP 2018: How to update your website, add your email address to the home page, update your glossary, publish your site using your first and last name like this "first-last". Open classroom and add your URL to the class list.
  • 05 SEP 2018: Changing State-Evaporation This assignment is graded: Questions 1-4 need to be answered with a complete sentence.
  • 04 SEP 2018: Heat, Temperature, and Conduction
  • 17 AUG 2018: Continue making and recording quantitative observations of the shapes. Find a fellow scientist and try to prove him/her wrong.
  • 16 AUG 2018: Observation Lab: Choose a shape, record the shape's number on your paper. Record your observations of that shape on your paper. Include each side length, each angle measure, and it's mass in grams. (VIDEO: How to use the measuring tools.)
  • 15 AUG 2018: Go to Google Classroom, click the "Science Information" assignment, and type what you wrote yesterday into the document. When you are done turn-in the electronic assignment and turn-in the paper copy in the back of the classroom.
  • 14 AUG 2018: Participate and take notes as we discuss the following topics: Science Introduction
  • 13 AUG 2018: Information Card (On the front: The name that you want me to call you, On the back: Your full name and some infrmation about you.)