The Aztecs (300s-1500s) - Study Guide

7.7 Students compare and contrast the geographic, political, economic, religious, and social structures of the Meso-American and Andean civilizations.

  • Study the locations, landforms, and climates of Mexico, Central America, and South America and their effects on Mayan, Aztec, and Incan economies, trade, and development of urban societies.
  • Study the roles of people in each society, including class structures, family life, war-fare, religious beliefs and practices, and slavery.
  • Describe the artistic and oral traditions and architecture in the three civilizations.

  • name
    The Aztecs

    Study Guide Questions

      Section 1

    1. Describe three characteristics of Mexican geography.

    2. How did the Aztecs build their capital?

    3. In what area of Mexico did the Aztecs settle?

    4. Why was this a good place to settle?

    5. List three advantages of Tenochtitlan's setting?

    6. How might the advantages of Tenochtitlan's setting have influenced the Aztecs' success?

      Section 2

    7. How was Aztec society structured?

    8. What role did human sacrifice play in the Aztec Empire?

    9. How did most Aztecs make a living?

    10. Why do you think artisans and traders were respected in Aztec society?

    11. Describe the Aztec government.

    12. Analyze the connection between government and religion in Aztec society.

      Section 3

    13. How were Aztec accomplishments in art and architecture evident in Tenochtitlan?

    14. How did the Aztecs expressed their love of language?

    15. What was at the heart of Tenochtitlan?

    16. Why was the center of Tenochtitlan a sacred place for the Aztecs?

    17. What was the main literature of the Aztecs?

    18. Why do you think death was a common theme of Aztec poetry?