China's Golden Age (618-1279) - Study Guide

7.3 Students analyze the geographic, political, economic, religious, and social structures of the civilizations of China in the middle ages.

China's Golden Age

Study Guide Questions

    Section 1

  1. How did the capital at Chang'an reflect Tang power and success?

  2. In what way was the Song era a period of good government?

  3. Described three Tang achievements in architecture and the arts.

  4. What might be the connection between the Tang bureaucracy and progress in arts?

  5. Who ran the Song government?

  6. How were the people who ran the Song government selected.

  7. How did the Song bureaucracy increase the emperor's power?

    Section 2

  8. What is the Dao?

  9. Why do you think Daoism became a religion?

  10. What were the two main schools of Chinese Buddhism?

  11. What features of Buddhism led some Chinese to oppose it?

  12. What was the main goal of Confucianism?

  13. How did Neo-Confucianism differ?

    Section 3

  14. Why did Chinese farming shift to the south?

  15. Explain how new ways of farming increased farm production in China.

  16. Name three technologies developed during China's Golden age?

  17. Which new technology do you think had the greatest impact on Chinese society? Why?it?