A New Civilization in Europe (500-1000) - Study Guide

7.6 Students analyze the geographic, political, economic, religious, and social structures of the civilizations of Medieval Europe.

A New Civilization in Europe

Study Guide Questions

    Section 1

  1. Why were rivers important in European history?

  2. What was Charlemagne's goal?

  3. Why is Europe called a "peninsula of peninsulas"?

  4. How did topography influence migration and invasion routes into Europe?

  5. Who were the first people to control much of central and western Europe after the Romans?

  6. What was the main strength and the main weakness of Charlemagne's empire?

    Section 2

  7. What kinds of work did monks and nuns perform?

  8. What did missionaries do?

  9. What are monasteries?

  10. Who were St. Patrick and St. Boniface?

  11. How has the work of missionaries in medieval Europe influence our world today?

    Section 3

  12. Who were the Vikings?

  13. What was the basis of feudalism?

  14. Why were the years 800 to 1000 terrifying in western Europe?

  15. How did the Vikings influence Western Europe?

  16. Draw a diagram of the four groups or levels in the feudal social structure.

  17. How did these groups play a part in the manor system?