A Changing Medieval World (1000-1450) - Study Guide

7.6 Students analyze the geographic, political, economic, religious, and social structures of the civilizations of Medieval Europe.

A Changing Medieval World

Study Guide Questions

    Section 1

  1. CP 444. How did medieval farmers increase food production?

  2. CP 447. What was the purpose of guilds?

  3. CYP 447, 1a. List three important changes made by medieval farmers that helped increase food production.

  4. CYP 447, 1b. How did these changes lead to an increase in the population of Europe?

  5. CYP 447, 2a. What changes in medieval life led to the formation of guilds?

  6. CYP 447, 2b. How did guilds benefit their members?

    Section 2

  7. CP 451. How were Gothic cathedrals different from earlier types of cathedrals?

  8. CP 453. How did universities develop?

  9. CYP 453, 1a. What was new about the religious orders that arose after 1000?

  10. CYP 453, 1b. Why were St. Francis and his followers so beloved?

  11. CYP 453, 2a. What newly rediscovered writings excited medieval students?

  12. CYP 453, 2b. How did these writings influence Thomas Aquinas?

    Section 3

  13. CP 456. What new weapons were used in the Hundred Years' War?

  14. CP 459. How did the Black Death spread across Europe?

  15. CYP 459, 1a. Why did England and France fight the Hundred Years' War?

  16. CYP 459, 1b. How did this war contribute to the breakdown of medieval society?

  17. CYP 459, 2a. How did the Black Death affect people in Europe?

  18. CYP 459, 2b. How did the Black Death change the relationship between lords and peasants?