Chapter 16, Section 3
A Changing Medieval World (1000-1450)
Standard: 7.6.8
  • Understand to get the meaning of the importance of the Catholic Church as a political, intellectual and aesthetic institution (example, founding of universities, political and spiritual roles of the clergy, creation of monastic and mendicant religious orders, preservation of the Latin language and religious texts, St. Thomas Aquinas's synthesis of classical philosophy with Christian theology and the concept of "natural law").
The Breakdown of Medieval Society

Key Terms and People

famine: a serious shortage of food

Joan of Arc: She led French forces to victory against the English.

epidemic: a widespread outbreak of a disease

bubonic plague: a deadly infection

scapegoat: people who are blamed for a problem that they did not cause

Section Notes

  1. Famine and Warfare

      Famine and Warfare

    • 1315-1317, a great famine
    • 1337-1453, The Hundred Years' War
    • many new weapons: longbow, guns, cannons
    • Joan of Arc: led French soldiers to victory over the English
    • The Hundred Years' War put an end to the old feudal ways of fighting wars

  2. The Black Death

      The Spread of the Disease

    • 1347, bubonic plague struck Europe
    • plague came from Asia along trade routes
    • one third of all Europeans, about 25 million people, died between 1347 and 1352

      Jews and the Black Death

    • terrified people blamed Jews for the plague
    • many Jews were exiled or killed

      Effects of the Black Death

    • the loss of vast numbers of people from every part of society
    • Lords were desperate for workers, serfs worked where wages were highest
    • 1381, peasants revolted, ties between lords and their serfs had been broken
    • people were no longer tied to a stable social and spiritual community

Summary: After 1300, European prosperity gave way to widespread hunger and warfare. A deadly disease called the Black death killed millions and disrupted the medieval social order.

Study Guide Questions

  • CP 456. What new weapons were used in the Hundred Years' War?

  • CP 459. How did the Black Death spread across Europe?

  • CYP 459, 1a. Why did England and France fight the Hundred Years' War?

  • CYP 459, 1b. How did this war contribute to the breakdown of medieval society?

  • CYP 459, 2a. How did the Black Death affect people in Europe?

  • CYP 459, 2b. How did the Black Death change the relationship between lords and peasants?

    Practice Test

  • Homework: Read chapter 16, section 3, and choose one assignment;
    1. Workbook Chapter 16, section 3 (Page 202)
    2. Answer three of the study guide questions using complete sentences.
    3. Draw a picture of something important from this section and summarize this section of the text (three sentences minimum).