Chapter 17, Section 1
The Renaissance (1300-1650)
Standard: 7.6.8
  • Explain to make plain or understandable the importance of Florence in the early stages of the Renaissance and the growth of independent trading cities (e.g. Venice), with emphasis on the cities' importance in the spread of the Renaissance ideas.
The Origins of the Renaissance

Key Terms and People

mercantile: of or relating to merchants, trade, or commerce

patron: someone who gives money or other support to a person or group

Lorenzo de Medici: he spent large sums of money on artistic and architectural projects

Section Notes

  1. The Breakdown of the Feudal Order

      Urban Growth

    • Moved from manors to towns: Peasants for pay, Nobles for money and power
    • Urban upper class built beautiful homes in the towns

      Cultural Shifts

    • Universities: from Church subjects to non-Church subjects
    • Law, medicine, philosophy, and science

      A Revival of Learning

    • 1300-1500, Began in Italy, Renaissance is French for "rebirth"
    • increased interest in the ancient civilizations of Greece and Rome
    • looked to the ancient cultures for models of how to learn

  2. Birth Place of the Renaissance

      Italian City-States

    • the Renaissance began in wealthy Italian cities
    • old nobles competed with wealthy merchants and bankers for power and status
    • merchants and bankers became patrons of art and learning


    • Renaissance started in the city of Florence
    • Florence was a center of banking (wealthy city)
    • Medici family were patrons of the arts (Lorenzo de Medici)
    • Florence, showcase of Renaissance art and architecture

Summary: Economic and social forces began to break down feudalism. A new cultural movement called the Renaissance emerged.

Study Guide Questions

  • CP 475. What happened to the feudal order in the 1300s?

  • CP 477. Why did the Renaissance begin in Italy?

  • CYP 477, 1a. What changes were taking place in European cities and universities in the 1300s?

  • CYP 477, 1b. How did these changes affect the old medieval order of the Church and manor?

  • CYP 477, 2a. How was Italy divided in the 1300s?

  • CYP 477, 2b. How did economic changes in Italy produce changes in Italian society?

    Practice Test

  • Homework: Read chapter 17, section 1, and choose one assignment;
    1. Workbook Chapter 17, section 1 (Page 210)
    2. Answer three of the study guide questions using complete sentences.
    3. Draw a picture of something important from this section and summarize this section of the text (three sentences minimum).